Not enough time in the day to get healthy?

According to the CDC, twenty-nine percent of all Americans are entirely sedentary, meaning they get absolutely no exercise at all, while forty-six percent don’t get enough physical activity on a daily basis.  Other findings show the number is closer to eighty-seven percent that don’t move nearly enough!

The general excuse always tends to be that people just don’t have the time to exercise; however, recently posted in the LA Times, The Nielsen Co.’s Three Screen report which refers to the use of televisions, computers and cellphones for entertainment, for the fourth quarter of 2009 tells the story: the average American now watches more than 151 hours of TV a month. That’s about five hours a day! Add to that the other time sitting and interacting with technology and you can see how the modern techno-addiction has absorbed the bulk of a day and wrecked fitness.

It’s no wonder the rates of obesity are at all-time highs as well.  Look at the statistics:

  • Obesity is the number two cause of preventable death in the United States
  • Sixty million Americans, twenty years and older, are obese
  • Nine million children and teens, ages six to nineteen, are overweight
  • Being overweight or obese increases the risk of health conditions and diseases including: breast cancer, coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, Osteoarthritis, Colon cancer, Hypertension and Stroke
  • Fifty-Eight Million Overweight; Forty Million Obese; Three Million Morbidly Obese
  • Eight out of ten over the age twenty-five are overweight
  • Seventy-six percent increase in Type II diabetes in adults ages thirty to forty since 1990 Obesity Related Diseases

The disturbing statistics could go on and on.  The fact is that we cannot allow ourselves to use the excuse that we don’t have enough time to exercise anymore.The days of back-breaking work is not common place anymore.  Advancements in technology have increased efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in the workplace which has allowed for shorter work days, longer vacations, and earlier retirement.  It’s been proven that we now have more time than ever to get adequate exercise in our life.
The great news is that exercise doesn’t have to take hours on end at the gym on a treadmill and pumping weights till you quiver.  You can get serious exercise and fitness quickly by manipulating the Time, Tempo, and Type of exercise you do. It’s our T3 principle.

If you lower Time, you have to increase the intensity by increasing Tempo (going at a faster pace). You do this safely and efficiently by choosing Types of exercise that allow you to use the most muscle groups in their most natural ranges efficiently.

When you master the use of the T3 principle, you can exercise in as little as 12 minutes a day and get in far better shape then you would without these principles in working out for hours. It’s high energy, short duration exercise that actually changes your permanent hormone output and improves fat burning right down to the cellular level. This  type of training actually changes your whole body vs. just helping during the time your exercising.

Because high intensity shocks the body by increasing heart rate and the body’s demand for oxygen it burns sugar reserves during the workout, increases levels of growth hormone and testosterone in your body, and this allows you to burn fat for 24-36 hours afterward. The change in the cells allows you to burn fat more efficiently every day. Not that we necessarily recommend this but with our Max T3 exercise program, you can knock out a days fitness in minutes and get back to your hours of technology.

This exercise isn’t just for the elite athlete. It’s literally for everyone.  Ask your leader in health, your local Maximized Living doctor, for more information or go to today. Don’t be a statistic! Unleash the shackles of time for your body and get in the best shape of your life.